The 18th Airborne Corps Podcast

Episode 99 - A Technological Breakthrough In the Ardennes

December 21, 2021

Our 7-episode series on the Battle of the Bulge continues here (this is the 6th episode in the series). At a few seconds over 12-and-half-minutes, it's a short, breezy listen.

In this episode, host Joe Buccino discusses the VT fuze, a new piece of technology that gave the Allies a marked advantage in the Ardennes. How the fuze was developed, how it was employed, and what it meant at a critical moment in this fight - all of this is explained in Episode 99.

We began the Battle of the Bulge episode with the release of Episode 94 on December 16th and we've released a new episode on this momentous WWII battle every day since. Tomorrow we close this thing out!

Happy Holidays, friends and thanks so much for listening to the show!!!

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