The 18th Airborne Corps Podcast

Episode 98: Cobra King - The Most Famous Tank In American History

December 21, 2021

Episode 98 of the podcast continues the story of the Battle of the Bulge.

This miniseries, which began with Episode 94, recounts the biggest figures and biggest moments from one of the most momentous events in American military history. One such moment occurred the day after Christmas, 1944. Patton's 3rd Army - led by the 37th Tank Battalion - blasted into Bastogne, relieving the 101st Airborne Division and turning the tide of the fight.

That day and that moment gave birth to an American Legend: King Cobra, the first tank into Bastogne. King Cobra gave the Allies momentum that they never gave up.

This is the story of King Cobra and its moment of glory. It's also the story of leaders and the decisions that put that tank in Bastogne. 

The drama in the Ardennes forest continues...

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