The 18th Airborne Corps Podcast

Episode 81: Haley Britzky, Task & Purpose

October 26, 2021

Last week Haley Britzky, the Army reporter for Task & Purpose, an online publication covering the US military, visited Fort Bragg, North Carolina to report on the Army Comprehensive Body Composition study taking place on base. While there, she stopped by the podcast studio for a discussion with host Joe Buccino.

In this episode, Haley describes Task & Purpose's mandate to speak to and for the American Soldier. She also talks about her (young) reporting career, some of her recent stories about Army initiatives, and how she keeps her finger on the pulse of Army culture.

The two also talk about Joe's love for Guns N' Roses, the value of keeping an eye on Army Twitter, and how Haley knows she written a valuable story. This is a great discussion for anyone interested in the intersection of Army leadership and journalism, and the role of the media in holding military leaders to account.

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