The 18th Airborne Corps Podcast

Episode 102: 2021 in Review

December 28, 2021

Oh, it's been a wild year, hasn't it friends? We climbed out of COVID. Went back into COVID. Closed out our longest war. Responded to crises within the US and abroad. Alwyn Cashe finally got the Medal of Honor. Now we're typing in these show notes. A bunch of other stuff happened.

So much, in fact, has happened over the past 12 months - including the launch of this podcast - that most people can barely keep it all straight. That's ok. Our host, Joe Buccino, and two friends, recap the entire year in less than 17 minutes. 

It's episode 102 of the 18th Airborne Corps podcast and it's a good one. The year in review. Many more ahead for all of us. So, farewell to 2021. Cheers to a new, promising year. Thanks for supporting our show and thanks for listening. We here at the 18th Airborne Corps podcast will raise a glass of something for you on New Year's Eve.

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